My Enchanted Acres

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Senior Does

We have been raising Dairy Goats since 1990, when we bought our first 2 at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. What started as my daughter's 4-H project has turned into a labor of love for Tony and I. We strive to breed animals that are structurally sound, have good milk production and can pull it all together for the show arena. Our herd is tested annually for CAE ( done through WSU ) and Negative for the 30th year in a row. We try and have our herd Linear Appraised every year and as of 2005, we are now on DHIR.  All kids are removed from their moms at birth. All does are vaccinated and wormed on a regular schedule. All kids are vaccinated at birth with Bo-Se and vitamin A&D. At 2 weeks they are vaccinated with CD&T, with the booster following 4 weeks later.

We hope you enjoy your visit with our ladies and gents.

GCH Truly Fine Farm Gracie 3*M
Gracie is the foundation doe behind every animal you will see on this website. She was
our beginning into what we have today. We are grateful to her for the legacy she left.

SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres KW Kharisma 5*M

SG My-Enchanted-Acres RNBOSkitles 8*M

SG My-Enchanted-Acres KlasicKrome 6*M

My-Enchanted-Acres IWontDance 9*M

My-Enchanted-Acres BT Teagan 9*M

SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Valentina 9*M

My-Enchanted-Acres Rogues Raye 10*M

My-Enchanted-Acres JBW Josie

My-Enchanted-Acres MC Finn 8*M

My-Enchanted-Acres FineRomance 10*M

My-Enchanted-Acres GingerRogrs 10*M

GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Lovin Ava 6*M

My-Enchanted-Acres RNBOFriends 9*M

My-Enchanted-Acres Zuma Beach 10*M

My-Enchanted-Acres Lovin Adele 9*M

My-Enchanted-Acres  Raven 10*M


***Reference Does***

SGCH Thunder Ridge PS Willow 4*M

GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Molly Brown 7*M

GCH My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zenyata 8*M

My-Enchanted-Acres Lady Gaga

SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres JustN'Style 2*M

My-Enchanted-Acres MischifMakr 8*M

SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres EXC Ladybug 8*M

My-Enchanted-Acres Silver Rain 1*M

My-Enchanted-Acres BT Corazon 9*M

SG My-Enchanted-Acres Arimena 8*M

My-Enchanted-Acres TruBlu Sass 9*M

My-Enchanted-Acres Stella 9*M