My Enchanted Acres

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GCH My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zenyata 8*M
DOB: April 16, 2011
DNA Typed
G6S Normal

Sire: ++*B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
SS: Prairie Patch Miller
SD: Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia

Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LZZ Journey 7*M
DS: +*B Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
DD: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M

Zenyata hit the ground and we knew she was something special. She has not disappointed us. She freshened this year with a mammary we are used to seeing in Ozzie daughters. High, wide, smoothly blended fore, and snugly attached. Though immature, she is everything we hoped she we be.

2020 Planned Breeding:
After further investigation into issues with Zenyata unable to settle, she was found to have an indeterminable growth (scar tissue or cancer) which has caused her cervix to stay open. We will visit doing IVF on Zenyata in the future in the fall of 2021.

5-04 VG89 VEVE
4-02 EX90 VEVE
3-04 EX90 VEEE
2-02 VG88 VEEV

1-09 285 1440 (5.3)77F (4.3)62P
2-09 283 2030 (5.9)120F (4.2)86P
3-10 249 2030 (5.9)119F (4.3)87P
4-10 247 2050 (5.8)114F (4.1)84P
5-09 203 1340 (5.90)79F (4.2)56P

Junior Doe

Junior Champion Dist7 Nubian Specialty
12th pl Dry Yearling ADGA National Show
3x 1st SWWDGA Show
4x 2nd NWODGA Show
1st place 2 yo Lewis Co Fair
1st w 1st Udder Clark Co Fair
1st Place SWW Fair
2nd w/2nd Udder Evergreen Fair
2nd w/2nd Udder WA State Fair
1st w/1st Udder Clark Co Fair
1st w/1st Udder SWW Fair
1st w/1st Udder Evergreen State Fair
2x 1st Aged Doe NWABGC Show
1x 1st place Aged Doe Clark Co Fair
1x 1st place Aged Doe, GCH Evergreen State Fair
1st w/1st Udder Aged Doe Clark Co Fair
1st w/1st Udder Aged Doe GCH SWW Fair

2 year old 1st freshener

3 year old 2nd freshener


SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LZZ Journey 7*M


++*B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
(Photo courtesy of Judy Bevaart of
Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goat)