My Enchanted Acres

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SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres JustN'Style 2*M
DOB: February 23, 2011
DNA Typed, G6S Normal by Test
2016, 2019, 2021 "Elite Doe"

February 2011 ~ January 2022

9 Year Old 8th Freshener

8-04 EX92 EEEE
5-06 EX91 VEEE
3-06 EX90 VEEE
2-04 VG85 +VVV

Sire: *B My-Enchanted-Acres Excaliber
SS: ++*B SGCH Copper Hill Breakaway Sonset
SD: SGCH Thunder Ridge PS Willow 3*M

Dam: SG My-Enchanted-Acres Just Shelby 1*M
DS: *B My-Enchanted-Acres Just Henry
DD: My-Enchanted-Acres Blazin Sky

Style has been one of those very slow to mature does and will just need a few years to grow into her full potential. And that is exactly what she has done. She is probably one of our longest, most level doe over the top line and rump in the herd. And, I don't think she is done growing. But what we love so much about this doe is her sweet, gentle disposition. We didn't give her the chance this year to milk 305 days, as having back surgery we had to dry up the herd. I look forward to seeing what this doe can do on a 305 day milk lactation, as her sire is an Elite sire in milk production.

It was with heavy hearts that we said good-bye to our beloved Style. If ever there was a “heart goat”, Style was mine. Her gentle, loving nature, her will to work and her “herd queen” attitude are sorely missed. Run wild, run free sweet girl. You deserve the rest.

PTI 2:1 125
PTI 1:2 63
ETA 2:1 73
ETA 1:2 37

1-01 150 1070 (4.5)48F (3.7)45P
2-01 238 2280 (5.0)115F (4.0)91P
3-00 263 2630 (5.1)135F (4.0)106P
4-10 315 3080 (5.1)156F (4.2)130P complete
6-11 262 1993 (4.9)97F (3.9)78P
8-00 209 1690 (4.6)78F (4.0)67P
9-00 142 926 (4.9)45F (3.8)35P

8th Place aged Doe 2019 ADGA National Show
3x1st, 2x GCH, 2x BOB NWABGC
2x1st NWODGA
1x 1st Clark Co Fair
1x 1st, GCH, BOB, BDIS SWW Fair
1x1st, GCH, BOB, BUIB Evergreen St Fair
1st w/1st Udder, Res GCH Evergreen St Fair
2x 1st, 1x 3rd NWABGC
1x 1st w/1st Udder Evergreen State Fair

Style 6 months

Style 2 yrs 2nd freshening

Style 3yrs 3rd freshening

Style 5 yrs 4th freshening

Style 7 yrs 6th freshening

Style 8 yrs 7th freshening

SG My-Enchanted-Acres Just Shelby 1*M

*B My-Enchanted-Acres Excaliber